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EverTech Products Strategic Galactic Game for the entire family. Delivery Schedule: Two to four months after 2,000 pre-orders have been processed.

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Become Emperor/Empress of the Milky Way Galaxy and an ORDS citizen by conquering the Galaxy’s six Quadrants. Includes a short version of play to allow a winner within a few hours.  A Quadrant is conquered when a player owns the proper amount of Star Cards in a Quadrant. Players start the game with money called “Yeps”, a Home Planet card, and an armada of spaceships. Players move their token pieces around the board by throwing two dice and following the instructions on the playing spaces: purchase spaceships, weapon cards, and Star systems (Star Cards); win Yeps, Quadrant prizes, and spaceships; transport, at a cost, ships into different Galactic Quadrants; challenge opponents to battle; Warp/Turbo through black holes to transport spaceships quicker to far-off Quadrants; win Quadrant prizes when they conquer a Quadrant; acquire Star Cards by purchasing them or winning the Star Card in battle.  For two to four players.

EverTech Product has created Ords, the ultimate Outer Space strategy and fun game for the entire family!

Game Features include:

  • Game board
  • Home Planet cards
  • Token pieces
  • Different armada of spaceships
  • In Time of Need cards
  • Yeps (the money)
  • Knowledge cards
  • Star cards
  • Transportation cards
  • Defensive Weapon cards
  • Offensive Weapon cards


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